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Greily Díaz

Venezuelan journalist, she graduated from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies & Journalism.

With over 10 years of professional experience, she started her career at the well-known media company El Nacional, one of the most important Venezuelan newspapers. She has experience working in Corporate Communication and Digital Marketing at many different companies, both national and international. Her experience has helped fuel her passion for communication and has given her a very diverse background.

From a very young age, she has been a volunteer with different organizations and worked for EPA, Hardware Store as Corporate communications Manager, focused on national nonprofit projects.

Grei, as we call her, loves cycling!  

"Each brand and product is a new challenge, I like to create a message full of value that will resonate with people".

Leydibell Nogueria

Venezuelan journalist with a Master in Sports Marketing in Barcelona, Spain.

Leydibell has worked with various companies and organizations including the Venezuelan news channel Globovisión, the global electronic company SONY and the association of graduates of the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello., in Caracas

In Spain, she worked with Kaptiva Sports Academy coordinating soccer summer camps for children hand in hand with the Barcelona soccer club.

For years she played Rugby and even had the opportunity to participate in international tournaments. Despite the strength that this sport requires, she never lost her joy and her cheerleader spirit, which she still carries with her in every aspect of her (our) life.

Today she is our leader in everything related to maternity, children and infant food.

Ley, as we call her, loves to travel around the world, but she loves SPORTS more! 

"GO, tiger"

Anabel Navarro


Venezuelan Human Rights activist and Visual Journalist with more than 10 years of international experience in communications, media, digital marketing and projects consulting. 

She is an actual columnist for Mundo Hispánico on these topics., mentor of  Hispana Realizada Club and board member of EME


She has been a consultant to various Venezuelan and international non-profit organizations, and also to social, cultural and political projects, helping them to improve their communications, create successful campaigns, establish strategies partners and achieve good branding, among others.


After a few months of moving to Atlanta, Georgia decided to start a small business for the first time in her life and create an agency that integrates the great creative and communicational talent of Latinos to offer quality services to the international market and thus bless [BERAKAH] businesses and projects of others through good management of their communications.


She keeps the desire to achieve positive social impact, so she is always helping community projects. 

"The world changed, now we live in digital. We must have good digital fingerprint".

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Ma Daniela García



She has a Bachelor degree in Arts Communication Studies & Journalism, with 8 years’ experience in political communication, mass media, and digital marketing.

She graduated from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello and has a certification in Political Communication. She continues studying and holds certifications in Digital Marketing, Community Manager, Brand Manager, and Content Manager.

She has been a Political Press Officer and Communications Manager for several companies and nonprofit organizations. For years she was Director of Farmatodo Magazine, one of the most important Venezuela pharmacy chains.  

Now in Buenos Aires, Argentina she is developing her personal communication brand “Daniela Garcia Comunica” and working with us bringing all her talent and creativity. to our team

Dani, as we call her, loves food, especially desserts and burgers!

"Authenticity is your best communication tool".

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